Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heat and Humidity

Ok, you would think that I would be use to the cold cold winters and hot humid summers in 41 years, but apparently I am not! If I am not in my a/c I am miserable!
I don't want to cook or clean, ok whatelse is new lol but I don't even come on the computer much because I can't stand the heat in this room.
I miss my internet friends very much and haven't even really seen any of my friends around here much this summer and I start working in just over 1 week.
Well it is cooler outside tonight so I am going to go sit on the bench


1 comment:

CircesMagic said...

I miss you too!!!!!! I should ditch these people and come up and see you and that freaking mountain I hear so much about! Giggles and smoochies!!!