Friday, December 22, 2006

Well other than some stitching, I am finished shopping for Christmas!

I spent the afternoon in my room sitting Indian style on my bed and my HIPS are killing me! I feel very old tonight with the pain in my joints lol
Oh well, it is for one time a year, and next year I am wrapping as I go damn it!
I am back to loving my job, and my kids LOL Other than the chore thing with my oldest, that I am NOT liking one bit, but oh well this too shall pass...
My kids are going to their father's for the first part of their Christmas then home to me for Christmas day and we are off to my sister's in Guelph for the family dinner. I am excited to see everyone and bought new batteries for the digital camera so I can take tons of pictures of all my nieces and nephews!

I want to wish everyone a very happy and loving holiday season! With my friend (you know who you are) moving even farther away and being very happy about it, it is going to be a strange and wonderful new year for us all I think!

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