Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hi everyone, I have not updated in a while with all the stuff going on in my life, so here is a little update. I am getting use to the kids being at their father's, it is still hard to deal with, but it is quiet and I never thougth I would enjoy that.
I will be moving sometime in March, same building just to a 1 bedroom, less rent and I don't need the extra room I have now it is just turning into a junk room and I have decided to streamline my life. Don't faint, but I am even getting rid of TONS of cross stitch patterns! I guess I could sell some on eBay, or I may just give them away. Of course I will keep the fabric and threads LMAO my 2 passions! This does not mean I will not start buying more stash, but I am getting rid of what I will never stitch!


CircesMagic said...

First off you never called me back, WAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

I love the birthday club thing, who made it and is it yours? I can't wait to get my craft room the first thing I am hanging up is what you sent me with the turtles which means my room is going to be decorated around that hanging thing, LOL!!! You know I will do it too! I totally understand you about purging your stuff, I am probably going to do the same, but I am definately keeping my singing penis's, GIGGLE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, can't wait to talk to you!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any cross stitch books that have 'dachshunds' in? Would like to do some for framing.