Friday, September 28, 2007

Well this past week has been very interesting, who knew they could do a hysterectomy with OUT cutting you open? I didn't! The doctor says that I will heal faster, but man the gas pains make me believe I am having back labour!
One good thing, I have given up Diet Coke, and cut way back on smoking, hoping to quit that too!
I have been stitching a little, working on a cute wedding sampler (my design) for my dear friend Kerrie, who I could NOT talk out of getting married LOL but Larry is a good guy so I guess it should be ok. Today is their wedding which I had planned to crash the reception, but since I am still not allowed to drive or go far, I will not be doing that!
I am also working on a halloween witch in purple, yeah I know BIG surprise there lol I want to start more halloween stitching while I am off too! And finish the purse I started stitching my mom last year.

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CircesMagic said...

Finishing a purse huh? Now I really don't feel bad about the earrings, LMAO!!! Love ya!