Sunday, January 27, 2008

43rd Birthday

Well I had a wonderful Birthday! It started Thursday after work at my parents for dinner, great food and good company. I received many email well wishes from dear friends as well.
Friday a bunch of my good friends from the office came over and gave me a pot luck dinner and cake and presents. My dear friends Mel and Peggy came over and that just made my day even more special since they are such an important part of my family. Saturday Fran and I went and had a pedicure and our nails done and then the kids came over.
Today we are going to Mel and Peg's for dinner and to visit and tomorrow is my JAMMIE DAY!!
I am going to stitch and do nothing but enjoy my last day off!
Fran gave me a lovely little pewter fairy keeper she is lovely! Katie and Darian gave me a TONY STEWART lunch box with cherry kisses, a turtle air freshener for my car and a box of chocolate covered cherries. Mike gave me a box of wagon wheels lol which he ate one to be sure they were NOT poison lol and Joey added to the what he is going to do around the house to make my life better. Mel and Peg gave me 2 stroll sawed pictures one of a cockatiel and one of a horse.
Good times over all. I am blessed with such good friends!

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