Monday, March 31, 2008


This is my new Work In Progress.

This is the 2nd update on the piece. I haven't even gotten half way yet LOL there is going to have to be pictures taken from here on it as it JUST fits the scanner at this point.
It's Salem Remembered by The Primitive Needle.

It has the names of all of the women and men that were accused of being witches and killed.

I bought myself this chart along with 2 charts from Plum Street Samplers, Salem Sisters and Salem Sisters II for getting my promotion at work.


CircesMagic said...

When Rob hits lotto he is going to treat us both to a trip to Salem, the witch trials have always caught my attention.

Marianne said...

Actually Salem is a beautiful place! You need to go in the fall for the foliage. Love the old houses and the cemetery.

Very nice WIP Sherry!! Those three pieces will make a great set.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for stitching my design! I love your colors. I think this is my favorite thing so far I have designed.
It looks great!!