Thursday, July 17, 2008

Work Party

Well Thursday July 17th, is our work party and this will be the 1st work party I have attended. I am nervous and excited everyone always has fun at these functions and the RUMOR mill goes nuts for weeks after from all the shenanigan's that go on there! I am taking my camera, extra batteries and an extra memory card just to get it all on film LOL Can't wait to see my friends that work different shifts than I do and old Team Leaders I no longer get to see. As a good friend would say... Party in your Pants!!!
On a side note, it has taken a year for the man next door and I to actually start getting flirty and show an actual interest in one another. He brought me home left overs from a bbq he was at, he was a little loaded but it was good it worked as an ice breaker and we talked for hours. He is such a nice guy and I really like him! Here's hoping something fun comes of this, I deserve it!!

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