Friday, October 24, 2008

Needing a Camera

I wish I had a camera!
My son Mike's mother in-law didn't know my camera was in Steph's purse and threw it into the livingroom and my camera broke. They say they are buying me a new one, but haven't.

My son Joey came home from school yesterday with 2 plaques from last year when he was in grade 10. The first is for getting honor roll marks in math, not just math but college level math!!!
The 2nd was with a cheque for $100.00 from the Home Builder's Association for honor roll marks in his construction classes. He also received a pin saying he was an honor roll student!! I am so very proud of him and his acheivements!

I need to take pictures of him with his plaques, I need updated pictures of the baby with and without his parents and I need to take pictures of a bunch of cross stitch I have completed in the last few months. Oh well, looks like I will be buying a new one, myself.

Next weekend is Halloween or in my religion, Samhain! It is a time to remember all those who have gone to the Summerland before us and to celebrate and honor the dead.
I have started to pickup items for my altar, some fall flowers, apples, pomagranate, special candles and oils and I am going to be celebrating the loss of my Grandmothers, a Grandfather, a niece my Uncle George and Uncle Don along with rememberances for Murphy (my dog), Buddy and Torrie (my cats) that have past. There are friends that have past in my life and will light a candle for them as well on this glorious weekend of celebration.

Having a camera would be nice so I can post pictures of my altar with all the wonderful decorations and adornments.
The single most important thread in this blog seems to be a camera

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