Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Hunting

It is so crappy looking for a job at a time when there is NOTHING out there except for jobs that are at half my pay rate and I can't live on that. I feel like my world is spiralling out of orbit Hmm wonder if there are jobs there????

Ok so that is craziness, however I am thinking outside the box and it isn't helping. I think tomorrow is call a councilor day. That might help.
Today was go get the sticker for my car, drive up the mountain and get the dentist paper for my ex, went to see an old friend and then to the grocery store. Other than driving Fran to work, I plan on planting my ass in front of the TV and stitching tonight.
Turns out I have 14 designs to kit up to get out to model stitchers, I didn't realise I had that many designs ready. I am thinking of another as well. I just hope I find a distributor for my wiccan/pagan charts as Hoffman's doesn't seem to pick mine up.

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