Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't put your Doctor off!

Ok my doctor has been giving me blood work forms and a back x-ray forms for 3 years now and well I just don't go, my bad!! Finally I have to go see him to get a referral for something and BLAM!!!! He smacks me with fasting blood work a chest and a back x-ray and says he wants them done at the beginning of the week!
Well today was the day, I went and let the vampires take 9 viles of blood and I had to pee in a container then had to go downstairs to the x-ray wait a very short time then go in get in the LOVELY styling blue gown and do the x-rays. When you are trying NOT to cough it was KILLER to stand there and hold my breath while they took the 2 chest x-rays and then had to get on the table and be molded like a gumby doll for the back x-rays.
But at least it is done and now I wait to hear from him that my cholesterol is high and that I need to go on a diet and start drinking more water and that horrible BAD WORD exercise!! Does he not know I am an Aquarius? We don't do exercise!! It is a commitment issue LOL

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