Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well the time of realization has arrived! I am not made of money nor is the Employment Insurance going to top up my minimal training amount that I am receiving so I may not be updating my block for a bit as I have to make a lot of cut backs here at home.
No Internet, cell, home phone or cable for a bit, may have to take my car of the road for a while until I get things cleared up. Training pay is almost half of what my pay was at Circles and I just can't afford to live on it so a 2nd job is surely in the works for me. That being said, I will update from the library when I can get there or when I can afford it I will come back online again.
I just want to go back to Circles on nights so I can have my anxiety appointments and be with my friends who have become family to me over the years and feel secure again. I just can't take much more right now and even person bankruptcy is going to have to be something I look at I think. I don't know how all this happened, just sort of sneeked up on me or I just choose to be blinded I think.
Well please take care, and I will update as I can.
Bright Blessings to you all my friends!

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