Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I hate Tests!

There are tests after each unit in my Training and I have done crappy on each of the smaller tests but had to get 80% or higher to pass onto the next stage of the training. Well I got a 67%, and when the instructor talked to me, I said that since I was going to have a lot of visits to the aniety clinic and end up missing blocks of time from the company once I was on the floor - If I made it to the floor, that I would just back out now before the company invested more into my training and was just going to leave. Well to her credit she sees something in me that I don't LOL and she talked me into redoing the test. I stayed after class and I managed to get the highest mark in the class a 97%!!!! However, due to the re-write it becomes 80% so it is still a pass.

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