Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainy day Vent

Today Joe and I got a bunch of stuff done around the house and he moved his bed from the livingroom into the back room, which is WONDERFUL!
I can NOT believe all this rain, I for one LOVE the rain and when it is storming, I can't be happier, however, today's amazing thunderstorm lulled me right to sleep LOL It was awesome!
Nothing new going on here, still in a stitching and designing slump, still hurting for money but have called and found out how I can fix it until I start my job. I am starting to get nervous about being back on the phones again. I mean we are just talking to clients and making reservations and buying flowers and doing things they can do on their own, but choose to use our concierge service instead, however, the ticket onsales are starting to scare me a bit, this new paperless ticket and the cardmember having to have the card there to pick up the wristbands and tickets, what if the tickets are a gift for someone across the world or something? Why do I always start to worry about these things before I have to deal with them? No wonder I drive my friend crazy! These days I am spending far too much time on Facebook, it seems I get on the computer and go right there, what happened to using the computer for looking up information, checking out cross stitching, knitting, crochet and recipes? I have lost it someone how. I should be looking for a man to spend a little time with, but even that scares me, why does everything scare the hell out of me when it comes to stepping outside of my box of comfort? The crazy DR says I have a "social phobia" well help me with that, don't dismiss me after saying shit like that!!
Ok this officially ends the rant since I have to go shower and pick Fran up from work.

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