Sunday, August 09, 2009

Finally a I finished Stitching something!

I have so many projects underway but have not felt like stitching anything in about a month. The doctor changed my medication and I think it is much better.
Finally I finished stitching something!
LizzieKate's Hocus Pocus, I used Sassy's Fabbies threads and they were wonderful to work with!
I didn't stitch the border LK put on the design because I am going to attempt a PinKeep!!!
My next project is a witch on a tractor designed by Chris Barton, his wife and I are both on FaceBook and are heavily into the FarmTown application so I mentioned to Kathy we needed a Farm Witch! So Chris being the wonderful guy he is, designed me one!!

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mylifeofcrime said...

It is very pretty! I love it!