Friday, August 21, 2009

Well I am Back online and have a Phone

Still no TV, but at least I start work next week! Still no money from Employment Insurance and went to Ontario Works for help, however, nothing from them as yet either!!
Both claims are being "Processed", come on people!!
My landlord has been wonderful about the fact the last time I paid my rent was for half of July!! But all things must come to an end and lost phone, internet and tv and was able to get a new phone number and service and internet service only because they didn't need a deposit and it was a free install.
So my new email address is and if you need my phone number, well email me LOL
Time to let the kid drive to work, Goddess I can NOT wait to return to work!!!
Anyway that is all for now, hopefully Hydro will not cut me off until I have money next week or it will be a while before I am back up and running!
Eva and Rob, I hope you find something in Peoria I too hate you have to leave Indy!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers as always!
For all those who are being and will be affected by hurricane Bill, I thoughts and prayers are with you! We get the filtered out storms and they have been bad enough for me!!!
Blessings and Light to you all!

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