Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sick Baby

Well my grandson just got over the chicken pox and now he has a throat infection. I feel bad for the little guy. It's great he got them now and will not have to worry about having them when he is older, but now his poor little system is low and he is catching everything.
On a happier note, Mike went up to the school and enrolled himself back into high school and will be going half days in the afternoon to finish up the couple of credits he needs! I am very happy about that, Way to Go Mike!!!
I am officially on my first set of 3 days off, then work 4 nights starting Friday!


mrsb said...

Oh, poor baby! Hope he's feeling well soon!

And yea for Mike! Good for him!

Have fun on your days off!!

CircesMagic said...

OH NO! I hope Z feels better soon...I am so proud of Michael for doing the "manly" thing and finishing school! WTG!!