Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broke down and called the eye doctor UGH!

I have been avoiding getting new glasses, and avoiding going to the eye doctor, VANITY is my middle name.
Well actually it is Colleen but I admit, I am vain.
I didn't want to get glasses again, I mean really I am going to be 45 in January and my joints hurt, I have wrinkles and damn Mother Nature, I am getting older and wanted to avoid the glasses too!
However, with my job and at home I am on the computer for most of the day and am squinting, getting headaches and it is just getting worse, so I have decided to suck it up buttercup and go.
I called Wednesday and am hoping to get in tomorrow so I can do the whole glasses thing and get it over with not to mention I REALLY NEED them for work.
I act like a 13 yr old most days, refuse to face reality and grow up, so WHY do I have to look like one?
Oh right, I was born in 1965 not 1995 LOL

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