Monday, November 02, 2009

Please light a candle, say a prayer, whatever your faith does in these times,

On October 31st, my Poppa a very spry 97yr old man had a very severe stroke. According to the doctors and specialists he isn't expected to make it past a week.
He has always been a quiet man, had very few illnesses and never lost his spark for life.
I know my Nanny will be thrilled to have him back with her, however I feel blessed to have spent his 97th birthday with him as well as seeing the joy on his face seeing his oldest great-granddaughter get married.
He got to see almost all his grandchildren marry (at least once), gotten to see many great grandchildren and even got to meet 2 great-great grandchildren.
In a way you could say he has lived a blessed life, but he never forgot the hard work it was either.
Poppa, if you are going to pass over to the other side, I hope it is a safe and quick trip for you, I don't want to see you in pain but selfishly I don't want to loose my last grandparent either.
Get well soon!
We all love you so much!!


Daffycat said...

***hugs*** This is such sad news to hear.

Michelle said...

Funny how what we want for others and what we think we need for ourselves are often so different. There Papa goes teaching us again!