Thursday, January 07, 2010

Feeling Better Today

Picture for day 7, is in my livingroom after groceries and a number of other things I ran out of steam LOL
But it does have a number of my favorite things on it, although you can't tell the one sideways ornament hanging at the bottom, is in fact a TURTLE! lol of course!
To save writing all my dark and whiny posts to this blog I started one yesterday for just that purpose and let me tell you, after writing out all the dark and whiny things that live inside me, I started unpacking my room and it is starting to look like a normal room!!! 
I woke up feeling pretty good today, going to go grocery shopping soon and then coming home and if I have to tear apart the closet of crap I will find 1 of the 3 hammers we had before moving!
Then I can hang things in my room and in the livingroom and then, finally then, I will post my day 7 picture and it may just be of my room!!
Bright Blessings to you all!!

1 comment:

Dede said...

So glad that you are feeling better today! You so deserve to feel good more often! Wishing you a better day tomorrow!