Friday, February 05, 2010

Love YourSelf!

A lot of people get freaked out when they are single and walk through the malls, stores etc and see all the boxes of candy, jewelry and Valentine's cards, I know I use too. 
However, be your own Valentine!
Buy yourself that pendant you always wanted or your favorite candy, go out to dinner with peole you like, or go to a movie. 
Who says you have to have a 'date' to do any of this?
Cupid is a cute little imp, but really, do you trust your love life to an imp?
It has taken me many years to be ok with this day being just my oldest's birthday ok I don't mean JUST!  He is and always be the best Valentine gift in the world! 
Born in 1990 in the middle of a huge ice storm lol  let me tell you he has been the storm in my life since then, but I love him with all my heart! 
My Mom always said, "I love you but DON'T like you right now!" 
As a kid that hurt, but as a parent DAMN!!! Those words mean tons!
So if you are alone like I am, spend the day pampering yourself! 
Light some candles have a bubble bath, make plans to do something rather than staying home and stewing in your 'aloneness'! 
I will be working, but will be thinking of 20 years ago when I had my little cupid! 
I Love you Michael Joseph Thomas Chemerys!

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Dede said...

You don't need a reason to buy yourself a box of chocolates or something nice. That can be any day of the year. Wishing Michael a Happy Birthday and his mama a Sweet Valentine's day!