Friday, February 19, 2010

My 1st Ever MOOT NIGHT!!

Thanks to my new schedule, I am able to attend this! 
I am so excited to be with so many others of my faith!!
HammerTown Pagan Pub Moot

Date: Sunday February 21/10
Time: 7 pm
Location: Corktown Pub & Fare
Street: 175 Young St
City: Hamilton
This moot should prove to be an awesome event, we are sure that it will warm you up and help to beat the winter blahs!
We will be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year with an altar set up for the Metal Tiger. As well we have a theme to this moot ... Cupid and Psyche (remember it's not all about Valentines, check out the story of Cupid and Psyche here: ). We have some amazing entertainment planned with the local gals the Sirens and featuring the super talented Heather Dale, check her vast array of music at !
We will have 1 vendors this month: Helmuts Forge. Helmut is celebrating 30 years serving this community with awesome ritual tools and super pretty things! Congratulations Helmut!
As always, we will be holding our awesome raffle and 50/50 draws, a portion of each will continue to go to Haitian relief. There may be some other fun Aquarian and Picean surprises too!
So, come out and get to know YOUR pagan and magically inclined community!

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Dede said...

How exciting for you! There had to be a brighter side to your schedule changing. Enjoy your weekend!