Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Ticked Off!!!

So my friend emailed me today, after getting to work to let me know the company we work for changed my hours! Not only did they change my hours they cut them back to 32 hours a week!

I am pissed! I knew when they hired me back there was a chance that could happen, but didn't expect it and certainly thought we would be given notice!
I am going to have to look for either a 2nd job or a new job now, I can't support my son and I on 32 hours a week!
I feel almost as shocked and messed up as when they did their lay off last year again I feel like the company is trying to eff me over!
My friend says to look at it as an opportunity to go to school part time, which would be great if I could afford it but I am having problems paying my bills now going back to the starting wage I was at over 3 years ago when I first started there. I hate being on the phones, but I do my best I don't call in sick unless I am very sick, I don't take days off unless there is a reason so again, why screw with an employee that likes working for the company? I don't get it. I hate the thought of going to work tonight I feel sick to my stomach!
Please think good thougths, and pray for me for a quick solution.


Mel said...

Sherry that is awful. :(
I do hope you are able to come up with a resolution. *hugs*

Dede said...

Sherry you have every right to be ticked off. Maybe it is just a temporary situation. I sure hope so.