Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think I am getting sick UGH

I just can't seem to get warm!  Normally I am an ubber warm person, while others are freezing at work I am the one in a tank top saying how bloody hot it is lol  Today I went to bed and I was cold and woke up just as damn cold!  Must be damp outside or something.

I had a great tarot reading today by my friend Jules I have to start being more possitive and asking my Spirt guide and Angels to help me and I will find a job that is more suited to me. 
I am going to start a Positivity Journal, only writing positive things and hopefully the Universe will answer my prayers.

Blessed Be!

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Dede said...

Sherry so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so good. Thrilled to hear about your Tarot reading. A Positivity Journal is a wonderful idea. Wishing you well!