Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pictures Added

My damn camera is not letting me upload today so I will try it again later.
Today was a wonderful day!  My oldest son came to visit and helped me rearrange the livingroom and I like it so much better.  After he left his ex contacted me and ask if she and my grandson could come over, OMG YES!!  I haven't seen him since Christmas.
They came over and he was crabby and whiney but was saying so many words and by the end of our visit he gave me hug and even said Granma!!!  My heart is so full of joy!
Other than the race being shit today and the least favorite driver winning, I had a wonderful day!

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Dede said...

It always amazes me how just changing the furniture around the house can change a mood. It has been a long time since you were able to see your grandson. Maybe now she will stop by more often. Thrilled that you had a great weekend! Wishing you a wonderful week!