Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Reflections

Happy Earth Day to you all! 
In reflection today it would have been my 21st wedding anniversary today if I had not been smart enough to get while the gettin' was good! LMAO  Without him I would not have my 2 wonderful sons so I am happy for them and his family is wonderful, I miss them dearly but otherwise, WOOHOO for me! LOL
Please remember to Reduce Reuse and Recycle it is so important to our loving Mother Earth, without her we have NO WHERE to live!
I am so happy they teach this to children starting in kindergarden, with the help of the children, they remind us to daily recycle when we forget!


Sparrow said...

Happy Earth Day!!

((Following the Horde from Mrs. B's place))

Mrs said...

Happy Earth Day!!

mrsb said...

Happy Earth Day!

Kendra said...

Happy Earth Day! Following Mrs B's Hoarde. I understand what you mean about the ex.. I feel the same way about mine, and I got two wonderful boys from it, but I don't miss his family any more than I miss him. LOL!

Dede said...

Happy Earth Day my friend!