Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Depression Sucks

Not in the good way like a vampire LOL
Everything seems dark and meaningless I don't see the point in the medications since they are not working anymore.  Right now I wish I could just go up to Shannon's and just lay there on the couch and sleep and sleep.  I just need to be held and loved I feel like a teenager out of control emotions and my mind just spinning.
Part of it is owing so much on bills I have made some plans to get creditors off my back but there are still the regular bills I have gotten so far behind in.  It didn't help that since I went back to work I have been paying almost $500.00 a month for insurance for a car then truck because I had gotten so far behind when I was laid off.  So now it has been a year and they have dropped the price A LOT and that I am feeling very blessed about it and now maybe I can get some other bills paid off.  Wow getting that off my chest made me feel a little better.  Have to call Hydro and Bell and make payment options with them to get my bills down, may loose the tv for a while but really I don't watch it much anyway and Joe can still PS2 or watch movies on his laptop.  If I didn't hate taking calls so much I could work so much needed OT but oh how I hate talking on the phone. 
My truck needs a new head gasket, and I don't have that kind of money thought this truck would last me a few years at least but it has been 1 year and all I have done is put money into it.  Once I get back on track I am going to have to look at buying a car.  A simple little car that will get me back and forth to and from work without a ton of gas however I see those as also a simple little car that will make sure you are dead if you get into an accident in the winter. SUCKS but really the truck is costing me a small fortune right now and my credit sucks so buying or leasing is not an option.
Oh well, going to fill out my next day of my Truths and then head to bed want to clean the kitchen and cook for the week tomorrow/today.
Night peeps!


lynseyrachel said...

i have been reading some of your posts this morning, after quite accidently coming across your site/page, when actually looking-up 'wicca cross-stitching patterns'!, on google images! at times, life can begin to feel very over-whelming, esp wen issues are beyond yr control to 'fix'....eg; yr financial situation. I'm sure it was fate that made me come across yr page/site, as i share many of yr interests and likes......and dislikes, too!!!! ie; talking on the fone!!!! i have sent you a facebook friend request....so i hope to speak to you again, soon....and, in the meantime, i look forward to reading your great blog.yr honesty is so refreshing!!! keep yr chin up!!! love from Lynseyrachel (lynsey dean on yr friend request!!) xx

lynseyrachel said...

sherry....hi, im Lynsey, from the UK x. My friend, i've been reading yr posts.....and likes 'n' dislikes with mucch intrest...and, at times, much sympathy for yr current financial situation. I somehow, when looking up 'wicca cross-stitch' patterns, on google images, came across yr site and webpage, quite accidently!!! anyway, iv sent u a friend request on ffacebook........so, i hope u accept!!! i think fate led me to yr gr8 site!!! i share a lot of yr likes and interests....AND DISLIKES, TOO!!!! as in, 'talking on the fone'!!.....well, im intruiged and shall carry on reading!!! Thankyou so very much for bringing a boring early morn into a very interesting one!!! i hope to speak to you soon!!! love from lynsey xx

Karan said...

Looks like the Universe is testing you with hard life lessons on your Path at the moment. I hope that taking back some control on the finances helps you to move forward & take back control in all areas of your life. Blessed Be.