Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Ostara!!

Ostara Goddess
stitched by me, designed by Chris Barton
"Ostara also known as the spring equinox, Rites of Spring and Eostra's Day marks the first day of true spring.  The energies of nature subtly shift from the sluggishness of winter to the exuberant expansion of spring.  The Goddess blankets the earth with fertility (thank you Goddess for my hysterectomy), bursting forth from her sleep, as the God stretches and grows to maturity.  He walks the greening fields and delights in the abundance of nature.
On Ostara the hours of the day and night are equal.  Light is overtaking darkness; the Goddess and God impel the wild creatures of the earth to reproduce.
This is a time of beginnings of action of planting spells for future gains and of tending ritual gardens."
**borrowed from A guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham**

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Dede said...

A great Ostara design! Wishing you a blessed Ostara!