Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do not know what to do

I have said before about my oldest son is bipolar and has ADD, ADHD and is OCD.  I did the hardest thing I have had to do as a mother and deleted my oldest from my Facebook.  My Mom had commented on his FB, got to work and Faith emailed me "have you seen Mike's kingpin profile picture?" So I signed in and GASPED!  There as his profile picture was a Swastika!  I froze, I know he has been hanging around some sketchy people but by birth he is 21 he is really only maybe 15-17, but he knows what that flag is!  That's right he put up a Nazi flag!!!!

I was so freaked out I deleted his profile from my facebook, now I have his normal FB still, yeah I know why in the heck does he have like 4 profiles?  I have no clue.  I have asked him to remove it, his cousin demanded he remove it and it is still there.  I am just so disturbed, I don't think he is taking his medication which can lead to so horrible things when you suffer from Bipolar.  Truth be told, I am very scared for him right now, but he is 21 and I have to let him live his life as he sees fit but I sure as Hades do NOT have to like it!  He is suppose to help Faith and I move this coming weekend and I am not sure I even want him here unless he shapes up.

Am I wrong? I need your advise dear friends!

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