Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dream Shopping for my New Apartment

Sorry folks, this maybe a bit boring but makes me happy!

Lotus Mosaic Frame for above fireplace

Depicting the eight Pagan holidays or Sabbats, the Wheel of the Year is laid out as a traditional wooden wheel.


mixed pebble door mat

Goddess Whisper Wall Plaque

chakra goddess wall plaque

Om Love the life you live and live the life you love

 Handcrafted Decor Sea Turtle

Turtle Dance
willow besom

triple goddess by Mickie Mueller

Air filtering plants


dual DVD VHS player
New TV and stand with surround sound


Inis said...

I dont know if they have willow or not. My witchy broom is made of straw. But I got it at Ogles Broom Shop. in T.N. All of there brooms are hand made.
They are very reasonable for pricing.
Witchy Hugz

Anonymous said...

Not boring to me. Artist I am not, but I consider decorating my home an art. Any asshole can hang shit up, but I do it with flair ; )

Inis said...

I am sorry that web page is old . this is the new one.