Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dreams and Wishes with pictures!

OK kind of a whimsical title, but as you know I am usually that way. 
As I sat at my desk tonight, I became sleepier and sleepier, I couldn't help it. 
I got enough sleep but still it was like Goddess was telling me to go home and go to bed.  Sorry dear, but Facebook, Twitter and email had to be answered. 
I am an addict!
Time for the dream part... I can't for the life of me, remember my dreams I usually have to pee so bad I don't have time to think about my dreams so I can record them to analyse later. 
What works for you?  Anyone?

Ok, on to the wishes (love this part because of the pictures LOL)

Wish I could remember my dreams

I wish I had a man in my life that purely loved me, not a lair, cheater or emotionally dead

wish I could afford to fix my computer so the rest of my cross stitch patterns were on this drive not the stupid partitioned drive my son made, which is my 2nd hard drive I don't have access too!
I wish I had the window space to grow an indoor herb garden
wish I won the lottery and the kids and I would have nothing to worry about ever again.
wish I could paint a wall, a picture, anything!
I love my curves, I wish I was a size 10
wish I could go to a Nascar race and meet my favorite drivers especially Tony Stewart
I wish there was world peace!

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