Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today was Joe's last official day as WOI at his 826 Air Cadet squadron.  Since he is 19 this coming Tuesday, he aged out. I am so proud of all he accomplished in his 7 years of service! Pictures to follow this week when I find my upload cord.

Now, the serious shit... one of my sisters came from up north for the day so after the cadet thing was done, Faith, Jennie and I headed to Brantford for the Pagan Meet and Greet ~ Great times!  Saw so many things I wanted and saw friends that come to Hamilton for our Moot every month and then Jennie posted pictures of some of the amazing things we saw and some how she took some pictures and OMG I AM FAT!!!!
I am the shortass in the orange shirt, I never realized how FAT I had gotten!  I want to cry, die, hide, scream ShIT I AM HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
Proof #1
Rolls, Rolls Rolls OMG

Proof #2
All gut i look like someone should be saving me on a beach somewhere!
What happened to this child?
Me the flower girl

Or even October 2010
October 2010 not as fat

or High School
1980 something
just for fun

I was a skinny kid, a little chub in the 80's and now HUGE!!!

I really don't like seeing me as I am, when I can afford it Weight Watchers HERE I COME!
Congratulations to my Dad for loosing 8lbs his first week, so proud of you!!!

Okay, it is my front I don't like, they say you should say something fucking positive when you have said a negative so, I love my hair and my ass.  I gain all my weight around the middle and my upper and lower belly hot NOT!!! ok I am done now, however I am forseeing my belly getting her own weight loss blog soon, since i am never going to be 6' tall I am going to have to do something about this!


Vicky said...

I have the same problem as you and looking at my genetics (aunties) I don't know what the hell to do!!

greekwitch said...

I have a problem with mz weight as long as I remember myself. I never was obese like the last few years but I felt horrible about the way I look. I was skinny, boulimic and them morbidly obese! This is the first time I address this problem properly.. With self love. This is why I do the balance weekly theme. For motivation and strenth. Join me on thursdays! You should nt be so hard on yourself because of an unflattering picture, which by the way I saw and believe you look beautiful in. Really beau tiful! When the time is right the information, opportunities and feelings will lead you the right way. Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! Be blessed.

greekwitch said...

I do not link to my email because I check them maybe twice a month... My email though is . I would love to hear from you. Brightest blessings.

Anonymous said...

Tis the season for unflattering pictures. The clothes are paring down for the hot weather and the rolls are on full display. I have some fabulous (note the sarcasm) pics taken of my inebriated ass this weekend. Try not to stare at those pics too much, I learned that only makes it worse. Grab a before picture you'd like to somewhat resemble again and use that as your motivation. Love not hate.

As an aside, WW costs less if you get the monthly pass. Here in the states it's $39 a month and you get all the online stuff with that for free.

I have a meeting today.

Head up girl, sometimes it takes a shitty picture or a really bad physical experience to shock ourselves into making a change. Perhaps this is your push?

Or, maybe your tummy and my ass are conspiring to take over the world?

Oh fuck.