Thursday, June 09, 2011

3 of 3 My House!!!!!!

front steps


Front of house

flower basket 1

flower basket 2

flower basket 3

Moon Goddess

Sun God

hand painted water Goddess

front hall LOVE all the wood

into living room

into dining room & kitchen

dining room windows

plate rail all around dining room

back wall of dining room

pocket doors sadly
broken and can't be fixed

built in cabinet

computer area

my room door

stairs to bathroom
Joe's room and laundry


still unpacking fire place area

living room windows

front door and hall closet


Shelley said...

Your porch is beautiful! And I love all the wood trim and built-ins inside. Congratulations!

Dede said...

I am loving those stairs, very cool! What a great porch to be able to have large potted plants, and a couple of wind chimes. You are truly blessed with that great porch! The wood is terrific, you have yourself an awesome place.
love you sister

Vicky said...

Love it!! the fireplace is awesome :)