Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost made it to the end of the month!

I have made it my intent to be happy on the inside and outside for this month, one day at a time.  So far I have been doing great!  Posting only positive shit and keeping the dementors at bay while in my little castle of happiness.
But then today happened... THUD!  Not sure if it was a reminder that I do indeed suffer an illness that can't be always seen but something decided today would be the day depression would raise it's ugly head and I would spend the entire day in bed.
Sleeping sounds like a wonderful thing, however if you suffer from depression and anxiety it is not the best thing in the world for you to be doing.
I worked 10 hours of over time the day before, on my day off, missed seeing Mike and felt bad because he was here in a pouring rain storm to see me and I wasn't here, I felt really bad about that.
Not sure why my depression decided to come out of the closet but it did and I felt more than horrible today.
So tomorrow I am working a few hours of overtime, already left a note on the door for Mike and hopefully going to a friend's for dinner then home.  Going to try and make it a better day for myself!
Love to you all, I hope people read my blog beginning to rethink the blog thing lately but then I need an outlet so I will carry on as if I am being read.


Vicky said...

I am still reading LOL

Stacy Evans said...

Still here, lady! ♥ ::hugs::

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading and if you stop writing I'll take my fat ass up to Canada and have a sit down with you.

It's a cycle, remember that. The wheel will turn and another cycle will begin.

Get out of bed even if it's just to the couch. A day in bed is one thing, but don't let yourself stay there too long.

Love to you my friend.