Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Full Moon Ritual at the Beach

The day was lovely, warm, nice breeze blowing people all over the place at the beach.  It was Gaia at her finest!  After sitting and relaxing for a couple of hours in our spot on the beach, under a lovely grove of trees my friends started to arrive.  We set up the altar for Mother Moon, put out our blue vessals of water for her to bless and we sat back and enjoyed each other's company until it was time.
Nada cast our circle, we called the quarters, read the drawing down of the moon and it was WONDERFUL!  We drank mead (gross, just sayin') at strawberries dipped in honey and Nona's chocolate chip cookies!  We read poetry to the Moon as she began to rise above the lake, Orange and BIG like a harvest moon!  We meditated had our healing circle then thanked each quarter then closed the circle.
No one really wanted to leave and more people showed up during all of this new friends and old had a wonderful time.  We wrote on lake stones what we wanted to release and other the other side what we wanted to bring into our lives and part of the ritual was returning them to the lake... so much fun!
our section of the beach

lovely water you wouldn't want to go in lol

cool boat

full moon altar

Darlene and Nona

Darlene Nona and Patty

another angle of the altar

our water being blessed by the Moon

There she is Mel looking for rocks

Patty at the altar

Suz, Nada and Darlene

our photographer Nona

Suz's beautiful want necklace & a shell

Patty adding to the stone ritual

my stunning pink quartz sea turtle being blessed by Mother Moon
Amazing streaks of red

people on the beach

so amazing

lovely sky

here she comes!!!

her reflection was stunning!

Hostess with the mostest Nada

Full Moon

huge and orange!

Going higher

So lovely

colour kept changing

Thank you Lady of the Moon for your enchanting presents
Blessed Be


melly said...

sounds beautiful, looks beautiful!
i wish i had a group of women to do rituals with here...

blessed be, melly

Vicky said...

Great post, wish I could have been there with you all.

Anonymous said...

This time of year I do miss being in a coven. However, once I really start thinking about it I come to the conclusion that I really am a solitary at heart.