Friday, August 19, 2011

Day in Reverse!

So I posted yesterday how I was going to get my passport and buy my ticket to see my bestest and her family in Ft. Wayne and wow that so did NOT happen!

I got my passport photos done, went up to the office and was told the person who signed my papers for me had to sign one of the pictures proving it is ME!  I was but look it is ME and he said come back after it's signed. 

So then I sat in the park for a bit and took some pictures of what was going on, and saw the scariest grossest thing ever!  Some guy, I would say late 40's was wearing cut off jean shorts, 1970's short and it was split up the front and when the wind blew, behold... HIS JUNK!!!  no gitch just gross looking JUNK!!  With all the kids in the park I let an officer know so that he could be removed before some poor kid witnessed what I sadly did.

Then over to the bus station to buy my Grey Hound ticket.  I get to the window and they are showing the date of when I am leaving but nothing coming back from Ft. Wayne.  So I text Eva and tell her and she calls me saying there is a bus leaving on the 23rd so now I have to get Katie to sign the freaking picture and then go back to the passport office, then over to the bus station with the dates and buy my ticket on Wednesday!

I hate it when things don't go as I plan FML!  OH, I forgot about the old man and all his birds! Here are some pictures I took, I love LOVE the fountain!


Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! Junk mail is not allowed at the park!

CircesMagic said...

You do realize this post is totally usless without the guy and his junk picture, LMAO!!!!! I love you and can't wait to freckin' see you, i mean it has only been EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!

Vicky said...

Great photos and glad none of the junk mail LOL