Monday, September 26, 2011

On Vacation

As some of you know I have been on vacation in Indiana with my BFF Eva and her family.  What started out as a week's holiday has turned into 2 lol I love having a month off with no where to be and nothing planned to do!  Who knew I would enjoy being away from home and my office so much?  Certainly not me.
This is the first real vacation I have taken in years other than going up to visit my witchy sisters, which I always had to be home for work after, so I am really enjoying it.
I miss my cats and some of my friends and I really missed going to Moot last night, but I have been creating a bond with Eva's girls that is way better than being any where else.
We spent the first week shopping at Half Price books, OMG's that is an amazing store!  Hobby Lobby, wish the Gods we had one of those up in Ontario!  I have been to a scrapbook store where I bought her youngest Harry Potter paper and stickers for her, I had given her middle daughter one of each of our Canadian coins because she is so interested in Canadian money as well I made her a bracelet before I left out of these really cool blue sparkly beads. Her oldest is your typical teen who is wonderful but just not sure where or what she wants to be doing, I bought her a book to journal her feelings into.  Wish someone had done that for me as a teen, you can put anything on paper just to get it out of your mind. 
We went to Eva's work and I made a Witch Build-a-Bear and named her Autumn Turtle and she belongs to both Eva and I.  Rob has made some of the most yummy meals I have ever had and I have tried new foods while I have been here as well.  This is a true Italian family full of love and passion and I am so going to miss them when I go home!
I was introduced to 3 of Eva's work mates and they are just fantastic ladies, and sadly one lives in her broom closet still but she is pagan however in the bible belt it has to be hard to come out of the closet for sure!  We had dinner with her friend and her boyfriend and being that Mabon was the following night she brought me a bottle of spiced red witches brew, I was so excited to be welcomed by everyone here!
We have had way too much rain however it has not put a damper on my trip at all.  Saturday the 2 youngest and I watched, in the following order LMAO, Harry Potter 5, 4 then 6 lol it was wonderful and I truly have bonded with these 2 girls and one is not the type to accept people and told her oldest sister and dad that I am the coolest person she has met and she just loves me!  I almost cried.  I know when I leave for home Thursday I am going to bawl my eyes out, this has been the best time I have had in years.
Eva knows I have always loved her, but being a guest in her home and having the honor of meeting her children, husband and 4 dogs and 2 cats oh and the giant fish has been the BEST!!!!!
My dear friend Michelle who lives above me at home has been taking care of my cats and apparently my son and his fiance have just about eaten me out of house and home while I have been gone, not HAPPY there let me tell you!  I bought Michelle a book and something really cool which I have a matching one too LOL not saying what it is incase she stumbles across my blog lol.
Well time to shower, today Eva is off so it is going to be a craft room day and I will finish the 2 projects I brought with me to finish one for Eva and one for Rob.
I can see me stitching things and designing things for the 3 girls, they are so awesome and I love them like my own!
OH!!! Yesterday Eva was working, her husband works nights so he was napping, the kids were doing their own thing and I got to watch the NH race on TV and was so excited my driver Tony Stewart won the race!  Personally I believe it was because I am visiting his home state and he wanted me to know he loves me lol  yeah yeah dreamer.  However it was very exciting for me!
Well I hope everyone had a very blessed Mabon and I will put up pictures when I get home.
May Goddess bless and keep you all from harm! 
Love me!


CircesMagic said...

Um I believe Aniston said "Sherry is so fricken cool!" LMFAO!!!!!! My baby said Fricken, WTH???

Anonymous said...

I swear to you I have been wanting to go to Build a Bear to make a Witch Bear! I am totally going and I'm snatching my niece to go with me so I don't look like a creepy weirdo.

CircesMagic said...

@Dark Mother....Trust me when I say that you won't look like a creepy weirdo if you built a bear alone!