Friday, January 13, 2012

PBP2012 week 2 Angels appearing in our lives

Angels Walking Among Us in Daily Life...

Archangel Michael

Crystal angel
I attended a workshop at my favorite shop, White Flame Candle Co. in Hamilton, Ontario last week and the owner's daughter is a dear witch who I have a great deal of love and respect for and have gotten to know very well.  We were talking about Prosperity and almost crying I was telling her about how the day before the breaks went on my truck and I was not financially in a place to get them fixed, however I need my truck to get me back and forth to my job. She wrote down a number gave me the man's name and held my hands, looked into my eyes and said, 'Sherry, call this number he is my mechanic and tell him you are a friend of mine'.  So the next day I did and although he couldn't see me until Monday he assured me all would be fine and to bring it in so he could see it and figure out a plan of action.

Saturday I borrowed my witch sister's car for work and Sunday my dear friend Michelle drove me to and from work, keep in mind I work 8PM to 7AM.  I am so lucky I have these friends, who would get up and drive to the next city in order to pick up someone at 7am during rush hour traffic?  She even drove behind me up the mountain to where his shop was in case I had a problem.
I am a firm believer in Angels and how they are always around but make their presence known when it is really needed, however I don't really recall a time I met one in person, until Monday.

Chris called me and said it was going to be THIS MUCH MONEY to fix everything wrong with my truck, I thought I was going to throw up! However, the 'what had to be done NOW' he could do for $550.00.  I had driven my back breaks right off my truck, the caliper had fallen off which is why I didn't have breaks anymore.  So I checked the bank and I could do that but it would leave me with nothing, but shit I needed my truck.  So Michelle drove me back up with money in hand and he told me that he put on all new back breaks, fixed a wire on my engine for free, did oil and fluids for free and only charged me labour of 1 hour!  He is also looking for some used tires in decent condition so I can get through the winter without killing myself or someone else since mine are so bald.  Again, for FREE!  So I go to pay him, and he hands me back some money and says to me, 'now take this over to Rhonda's shop and P.I.F. spend it there' So I did and felt so wonderful that I could help her business and that he had done all he had to help in my much needed time!

Without these Angels in my life, I would have reverted back into my many panic attacks and cried until I lost all hope and given up, but Rhonda, Michelle and Chris well they are 3 very strong angels who provided me with what I needed and will forever be grateful to them.

Really, in this day and age with the economy the way it is, who does things like this?  Free parts, labour, tires, etc.  I believe strongly that there are many Angels walking on Mother Earth who are put in your life for reason's unknown until something happens and they are there helping you up on your feet and putting belief in your heart again for humankind.  I never thought it would happen to me, I guess the truth is I didn't feel worthy of such a gift.

I will support both of these businesses when I can, and well, Michelle my witch angel she came into my life when she moved into the apartment on the top floor of the house we both rent. She has become one of my best friends and is an Angel who is always there even if it is just for a tea and a shoulder to cry on, to make me laugh daily and she empowers me to be a better witch!  The funny thing is she is young enough to be my daughter and I am so blessed her fiance has asked me to go with them next year when they get married in Cuba! 

I had started reading about bring Angels into your life with a great book by Sonia Choquette called 'Ask your Guides' and because I was reading it on my lunches at work I couldn't delve into it as deeply as required.  I am going to pick this back up and start reading it again and do the exercises this time, I believe there is something pushing me to this and who am I to shove back! lol

I know this is a personal story and it may not really qualify as a blog for the Pagan Blog Project 2012, however it is something I knew I had to share.  Watch for your Angels, ask them for help and remember to thank them for their help when it is given.

Everyday, I am lighting a white candle and thanking my Angels for being in my life and then I thank them in my prayers when I go to bed.  Like God and Goddess, they need to be treated with love and respect and the more help we have in this lifetime, the better, at least I believe it to be this way.

Study Holistic in the UK
Guardian Angel
We all have our own guardian angel. Every person living has their own angel, no matter what their circumstances. For instance even murderers and evil people will still have their guardian angel. However, because this type of person may work in the negative they may never choose to make contact with their angel. Your angel loves you unconditionally and knows you better than yourself. This angel will be present with you from the moment your soul decided to inhabit earth, and will stay with you throughout this lifetime. It is said that in your next incarnation, your next angel will be a different one to accompany you. It is always our free choice whether we listen to our angel or not.
 Connecting With Your Angel
The best way to learn to connect with your angel directly is through meditation. There are many different techniques and you will need to find one that suits you. Some people find yoga very helpful to aid connection, or you can just sit in a quite space and ask your angels to be with you. Angels cannot come to our aid without us asking. This is one of the rules the angels have. You can also ask others angels to help, for instance if you wanted to help heal someone, you can ask for their guardian angel to be present and help you heal the person.
As long as you are asking for the good of the person then their angel will be happy to assist.
Angel Therapy
Angel therapy is based on the notion that communicating with angels is the key to healing. Angel therapists believe they help to heal their patients by getting in touch with the angel who will guide the patient in the right direction for them. It is not necessary to be clairvoyant or a medium to experience the joy and pleasure of angels. You do not need to actually see the angels to experience them. The majority of people know that we are never completely alone and can feel their presence enfolding us and guiding us, they help bring us comfort, healing and wisdom.

Blessed Be!


Vicky said...

What a great post Sherry. Take care on the roads until you get those tyres!!

L said...

"I know this is a personal story and it may not really qualify as a blog for the Pagan Blog Project 2012," I think personal posts have a lot of value to the project. Never fear posting them. I agree, there are definitely angels around us. It is a shame that more people don't see that when we treat others kindly (such as doing things for free and such) the favors return ten fold. The reactions are always worth it.

I'm happy that in your rough time you've found people to help you, you have a great attitude about everything! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post. I agree there are Angels among us, and may yours be blessed for being there for you:)
mohrade-the rose witch

Eileen said...

So glad you have angels in your live we all need them. Take care and have a wonderful 2012.

Anonymous said...

Love Sonia. She's a beautiful author. I embraced Angels after reading her as well. I used to shy away because of the Christian definition of Angels, but now I have an ongoing relationship with and I lend my ear to my Guardian Angel whenever I feel the need.

Anonymous said...

beep beep, forgot to hit the "follow up comments" button. Consider it checked : )