Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Wonderful Weekend!

Is there a natural more generous witch on the planet than Selena Fox?  I don't think so!  Her workshops were over the top, I learned how to properly chant and all the different aspects of Bridget, how to do a proper home blessing and so much more!  She was just AMAZING!

Kerr Cuhulain's workshop on how to create and direct magickal energy was out of this world!  I finally get it!  The tools are props the energy created is within you.  I now can put myself in a bubble and direct energy good and bad into and out of my body Chi is awesome! 

Pagan Pride Day didn't go quite as planned, my Andrew came, for as a deflection if my oldest showed up with his anger I think or just to see my daughter not sure which but that was not suppose to be due to the rules set up in the beginning of the weekend, but it sure was nice when I was a wreak to have him there and he helped out with the baby and the carrying of all the bags that go with a baby LOL  However it caused a problem with one of the sisters and for that I am sorry.

Since working with these new magickal skills, I feel more empowered and more aware.  I can put up blockages against negative energies coming my way.  

I had 2 great readings while at PPD and more greens will be added to my diet as both of them mentioned that and stressed it.  There was so much more told to me, my youngest is going to get in with the OPP (Ontario Police something) and then will finish his carrer with the RCMP our biggest police force across Canada.  I am thrilled.

I went to the specialist on Wednesday and with his own eyes he witnessed me almost passing out!  It was wonderful!  I know that sounds strange but he now has me set up for 2 more tests and thinks part of my issue is my dropping blood pressure between sitting and standing and laying down and standing.  I couldn't be happier!  

May Goddess smile apon you at night and the Gods during the day... remember they are inside of you always!  Honor them!

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~m~ said...

This is all great news honey. The pieces sound to be coming together. I have been talking about getting a reading FOREVER. I really should just make an appointment and GO.