Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I am so excited this year, all 3 boys will be with me for Yule at my house for dinner.  We are going to have pictures taken by my dearest Lisa and I will upload them for all to see.  

I have decided to KISS (keep it simple stupid), no frills just turkey and stuffing and veggies and of course gravy but instead of trying to make a fancy dessert I will buy one.  After dinner will be gifting time, always nervous buying for the boys it was easier when they were little lol  at 23, 21 and 21 no one wants a truck anymore unless they can drive it! lol

My oldest 2 will be joining me Christmas day at my families for their holiday which will be nice to see all my nieces and nephews, my sisters and my parents. 

I wish you all a wonderful Yule or Christmas, which ever you celebrate, may you know you're loved if you are not celebrating and that's ok too.
Hermione and our new baby, Harry Potter LOL

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