Friday, July 25, 2014

Sorry to be MIA but I am back!

Brightest Blessings to you all!  I have been on a journey of faith and life and come out the rabbit hole with a new address and a stronger belief in the Goddess herself!

I have moved to a very, very small town up north from where I was living and moved in with my witchy sister/wife and her family.  They have read a lot of magical books and pray to the God and Goddess but have never really practiced rituals and spell work.

August 1st, I know it is Lammas, however we are going to do our first ever family ritual from Deborah Blake's Everyday Witch Rituals.  It is called, Courage in the face of Adversity.  It is simple and it is something she really needs right now.  I ask you all to keep her in your thoughts and light a candle for healing and self confidence if you wouldn't mind.

Blessed Be.

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Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh this is a happy day indeed to hear from you dear Sherry. Of course I will add your family to my meditations. Welcome back. Oma Linda