Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yesterday was my 3 month anniversary at my job!! No longer am I worried about being fired for something stupid I may have done, now I have to worry about written warnings etc LOL

I feel much safer in my position now.

I have started my Christmas Shopping and my Christmas stitching, incase my Mom reads my blog I can not say what I am stitching, but I can say it is going to be lovely and will have to make myself one too LOL

Have you started shopping yet? I have my step kids started, my kids major gift done and started on the dreaded stocking stuffers. What do you put in the stocking of a 16 and 14 year old boys? Any ideas would help here lol I have half my parents done and have some things coming I got on ebay for Fred and then I have ideas on what else to get him. I am making him a stocking this year, I don't think he has had one in many years, I just can't imagine that. I am even going to do one for myself LOL

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CircesMagic said...


and YES I am done shopping and for a 16 year about a victoria secret catalog since he is too young for playboy, LMAO!!!! I can mail you one! wait, by that time he will be old enough for playboy!