Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well they made us dress up at work for Halloween!

As soon as I get the pictures they took I will post them, I went as The Crazy Cat Lady who has lived with her cats for so long she is starting to look like them LOL It was a lot of fun, but with the building being hot, and me having a bunch of cats pinned all over me and a shawl, not to mention the makeup, well I was HOT,(and not in the good way) LOL

I hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween, and kept the dentist happy by letting the kids eat all their candy LOL. OH funny story, you would think by the age of 16 a child would know when he has had enough candy, well I have news for you, my child ate and gorged himself until he puked! I had no sympathy for him and made him go to school the next day LOL I know my mother would have made my sisters and I go to school if we did something like that, so I made him go too!

As soon as I get some batteries for my camera, I will take shots of my CAR!!

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