Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday/Altar Cloth

I wonder if summer is going to even show up this year? It seems more like spring everyday, chilly and wet.
Yesterday Fran and I went for a walk in Oakville down by the water and then went to Shell Park where they had a really cool looking skate park. There were kids of all ages there on skates, skateboards, bike and other really neat looking things. They were doing tricks and stuff it was really interesting to watch.
Then I came home and cleaned my room, which it needed and I feel so much better that it is almost done. Today will be spent making it just right. What I didn't say is my room is a big room and is also half my craft room so it is a lot of work!! However I am getting it done and that makes me feel really good. I slept like a log, as I had stripped my bed, put on the clean sheets and then took the blankets down to the laundry and washed them so they were also nice and clean, note to self - when you have money that doesn't need to go to bills, buy new blankets.
I am starting on one of my own designs today, it is a Wiccan Altar cloth with an Elemental prayer on it, I am really excited about this design. I wish there was a distributor for Wiccan/Pagan cross stitch patterns I have so many great designs but no one to distribute them sigh!
Well, time for a tea and then onto the room again.
Have a great Monday Everyone!!
Bright Blessings to you all!!!!

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