Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life lesson

This is maybe the last post I will be making for a while, I have learned a great deal of things getting this off track. None of them good!
Well as of Monday July 13th, 2009 I will no longer have the Internet/Phone or cable TV and by the end of the month, unless something changes I will no longer have the car on the road and will have to put Sherry Senicar Designs on HOLD because I can no longer afford to fill or send orders to Hoffman's and that, well I am not going there right now.
If any of my FRIENDS want to communicate with me, we will have to go "old school" and use the actual mail carriers, hey helps keep their jobs right!
Here is my snail mail address and feel free to give it to my friends looking to send me a Hello, I will miss you all so very much and will with so much saddness in my heart.
Sherry Senicar
2-30 Arthur Ave. South
Hamilton, On
L8M 2H4

use my or my those I maybe able to check from a library or something.

May Goddess bless and keep each one of you in her arms, out of harms way and that you only know love and beauty.

Hopefully after the Pneumonia is gone I can find a good job or 2 jobs and get things back on the correct path.
I am grateful I still have a home and hopefully a gracious Landlord.

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