Sunday, August 02, 2009

Domestic Day

I decided that a good start to the harvest season was to start to clean up around here. I ended up with a blue box full of plastic, paper box 3/4 full, started to go through my cross stitch patterns and have a HUGE pile of 'Will Never Stitch' and will make a blog to sell or trade them off, and I am sending a bunch to my cross stitch group for prizes and such.
It was such a good feeling I even got a really good start at rearranging my room so I can have an altar area and meditation spot!

I really feel like I accomplished so much today and I am worn out for sure!

Blessings to you all!!

aka Autumn Turtle
aka Nascar Witch


mrsb said...

I always feel better and more focused after I sort and straighten, lol!

CircesMagic said...

Autumn Turtle...I wanna be turtle too.....Fall Turtle, Orange Turtle, turtle dove...LOL