Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ready for the next Phase of my Life to begin! This is a serious post.

At some point a person has to decide they have had enough alone time.
I love my family, friends, kids, job, cats and at most times, my life but I have had enough of being a single parent, Mom and woman.
I am in a place in my life where I wonder if in my past lives if I was an adulterer or adulteress, my relationships either end due to lack of emotional commitment from him or although I give my trust, heart, life I get cheated on and it is not for a lack of, well you know what I mean. :)
I would like to find a man who is honest, has a purpose in his life, a JOB, teeth *you have no idea*, and knows what it is he wants out of this life we live even if he isn't 'there' yet.
I wonder if there is anyone out there for me sometimes, I have thought that I had found 'THE' one for me, however we were too young but are good friends after many years apart.
Then I met and married another I thought was my life partner, after we had our children he became distant and just not there for any of us.
Then I met Tom who 'said' all the 'right' things to me and I fell head over heals. Although others saw and some even told me he was a big cheater and lair, I just didn't see it as I was not ready to be 'alone' as a woman.
Then after a few years I decided I was ready to move on and I met Fred, we started as friends and ended falling deeply in love. We blended our families together and the kids even started calling each other brothers, then after a couple of years of what seemed like a blissful relationship, he cheated on me and left me for her.
That broke my heart in so many pieces it has taken me years to heal.
Thanks to my family, friends and my belief that things happen for a reason, that we create a lot of the drama in our lives and we follow patterns from past lives I have said ENOUGH! I deserve to be happy, I deserve to feel safe and I DESERVE to love and feel love again.
I would LOVE to have a 'LOVE' like my Parents, my sister, my grandparents and like others who deeply love each other and are surely each other's PARTNER!
So, if you know anyone you think deserves to have me in their life, I will gladly start very slow with email and phone calls LOL cousins, COME ON you must know someone LOL
I pray that God and Goddess bless me with someone to be my life partner who will be good to my kids and grandson, will be able to interact with my friends and family and be supportive and loving to me and mine.
OK that is all, I just needed to see it in writing and put it out there for my soul to find who I am suppose to live the rest of my life with.
Bright Blessings to all who read this and think, OMG she has lost her ever loving mind!
Sherry (Autumn Turtle)


Daffycat said...

OMG You have lost your ever loving mind. ROFLOL Sorry, I couldn't resit.

I am one of those lucky enough to have found the perfect person for me. At age 16 no less! We have been married now for 24 years. However, I have a sister in your situation. I feel for you. I wish I knew some available men to point in your direction! ***hugs***

Vicky said...

Good luck, if you find these indangered species, I have a few girlfriends that are looking to and their only criteria is a job, car, and not really really ugly LOL

Seriously I hope you find what you are looking for {hugs}

Lewen said...

I am sure you're tired of hearing this, but I have experienced this and found this to be true. Only when I was truly happy to be alone, content with myself and not looking, that is when I found the Bradness. (He wasn't looking either). I know there is someone special out there for you and you for him. Your paths will cross and when it out!!!! Sending big hugs to you. Hopefully we'll get to catch up sometime. If you're on yahoo messenger, IM me! *hugs* Lewen (Twiisty).

Sherry said...

LMAO I know I have lost my mind!! but I figure if I put it in writing, it might start Goddess pushing someone in my direction lol