Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why is it that what should be a happy time of the year is so hard this year?
My oldest is pissed because I am going to his ex's to spend time with my grandson
My youngest has gone away with his girl friend's family and we fought before he left so I didn't even hug him good bye now I feel like shit
My best friend's father has been given a week to live due to thyroid cancer
I just can't seem to find anything to smile about right now...

I hope you all have a much better and happier holiday season!!

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Dede said...

Oh no my sister, you have lots to smile about. You have your health, a new apartment, a job, a beautiful grandson that you were able to spend quality time with. I don't really think that your oldest is upset with you as much as himself. He is still holding on to the anger, you have moved past that and enjoy your grandson and his son. Your youngest will call and everything will be fine. As for your friends dad, from experience, I don't ever want to watch another being suffer as much as a 21 year old did for almost six months. Nothing relieved her from her pain.