Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Had to work Yule, now Christmas

I shouldn't complain I am working Christmas for a good purpose, but it still bites. Yule was remembered by another pagan friend at work, so that was nice!
My youngest son Joe is going to the cottage with his girl friend's family and well Mike is living at his father's and spending Christmas with them, so why not work right?
I will miss seeing my sisters and their families, but get to see my parents tonight so that will be great!
Christmas eve morning Joe and I will do Christmas and then he is gone. 
In the evening I am going over to Mike's ex's so I can spend time with my Grandson and I will have TONS of pictures to share with you all! I am so excited to see him!
Mike is coming over sometime next week, he was suppose to come with Joe and I tonight to the parents however he isn't feeling well, and well I haven't seen him in weeks and miss him so much. I hate that I will not have my kids here for Christmas but that is a part of them growing up.
On a sadder note, my best friend's father is in the hospital, if you would all light a candle and say a prayer he has a mass the size of a grapefruit on his neck and they had to do a tracheotomy so that he could breathe and eat etc he is in ICU at Toronto General so please keep her and her family in your prayers the doctors say he will be in there about a month. Her Mom is not a stable woman and it is thought she may be having some mental problems she will not talk about and when asked about things she bold face lies and that includes information about her husband. She is making it very hard for my friend and attacked her verbally because she called the hospital to find out what was happening with her father and the news was totally different than what her mother led her to believe. I just pray he survives all this and my friend can relax a bit. She is always so strong and pushes away when she has problems like this but at least she is talking to me about it this time, when her mom was hospitalized in January, for what no one knows because she lies about it and wouldn't let her go see her and would not let her husband come see her either my friend really fell apart and had to take a leave from work and locked herself up in her house, the day she came out I wanted so much to hug her, but she would have decked me and told me so LOL
But at least this time she is talking and we are going to do Christmas breakfast together, so that will be nice for both of us.

Well since this has gotten so depressing I am going to sign off and finish wrapping gifts...
Much love to you all and no matter what your family is like, remember they love you in a way that may never be understood but, they do and you have friends that love you as well, Warts and All LOL

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