Thursday, January 21, 2010

That Time of Year AGAIN

Count down to my (SHUDDER) 45th Birthday It is 3 days, 6 hours, 52 minutes and 53 seconds until Monday, January 25, 2010
I am so not looking forward to this, unless I had 45 presents to open, or had 45 of something, just want to make it fun.
I am going with my best friend and getting a hair cut but is all I know. 
I am sure my kids have forgotten and I am not reminding them.

I know it is just another day and age is a number I should be excited to be in the Crone stage of my life, but facing it alone is not something I am looking forward too.  I would like nothing better than to have a man take me to dinner, buy me flowers and shower me in presents and kisses...  sorry just woke up! lol

Ok I think I am done whining for now... but maybe not


Dede said...

I remember when I was turning 30! Oh, I cried and I do mean cried. Then when I turned 40 it was no big deal and then 45, who cares. Very soon to be 48 and loving it! My kids don't seem to remember my birthday, no big deal. Have something that is in the works for you, won't be in time for your b-day, but it will get there!


Anonymous said...

I'll be 43 this July - are we really considered crones? I still cycle! =) *hugs* Just a number on a piece of paper.