Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I need a creativity BOOST

I need a spell, or a ritual of somekind in order to kick my ass into doing something creative!
I need the help of all my 'witchy/pagan' friends right now! 
Any suggestions????


Vicky said...

Start small, when I hit a slump I normally get back into it with making a card or two, cross stitch or paper. Works for me LOL

Lori said...

Hi sherry!
we all get in slumps...
I like to take walks in the woods, sit out under the stars or just meditate for a while...
then I'll hit my piles & piles of magazines & books, go to the bookstore, get online or just plain clean house for inspiration!

I will put my hands to work for you with a little creativity spell for you!

Blessed be, my sweet friend~

shirleyhill said...

When all else fails with me(a trip to my favorite craft or book store, meditating or talking to another creative friend), I watch an creatively inspiring movie. One of my best for inspiring me is 'The Secret Life of Bees'. LOL. In fact, this one inspired me to paint the ENTIRE interior of my house colors that we enjoyed rather than those bland ones that are 'normal'.